Jake Legge is the owner of Revolution Racing, a team that entered the GPGSL-3 in Season 7. He also races in the GPGSL-4.

Personal LifeEdit

Jake has developed a reputation in the paddock as a joker. He once turned up to a press conference wearing a 'Dyslexics are Teople Poo' t-shirt; this got complaints from the National Dyslexic Association (DNA). He also threw a bunga-bunga party in the ART motorhome and pool. This resulted in a $15,000 cleaning bill. For one weekend, he swapped places with the ex-Manchester City winger Adam Johnson which saw him line up on the left wing against West Ham United. Johnson therefore drove the Tafuro car to a respectable 14th place. Jake managed to score a goal. This was done without any alarm because they look so similar.

His race helmet features the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo quite prominently, as he is a huge fan of theirs. He annoyed many of the other teams by repeatedly playing the entire 'Freaky Styley' album off of multiple amps around the paddock, which was reported at being a total 12 times. Jake commented on the situation; "At least it wasn't either of John Frusciante's first two solo albums. That would have just scared the shit out of everyone." Jake went to rehab to wean himself off of the Chilis, but this was horrendously unsuccessful. It caused him to have a mental breakdown; he was later found in a trailer park in Nebraska hugging a Fleabass. He was only tempted into leaving after the rehabologists luring him into their van with a trail of Reese's Pieces.

When he retires from the GPGSL, Jake has stated he wishes to begin a cheese farm in his home county of Somerset. He cites "wanting to wipe Babybels off the face of the planet" as the main reason for this, such is his strong hate for the waxy substance. On his days off, he writes scripts, notably once for a hospital-based sitcom. It was once piloted on Dave, but Jake was not pleased with the executives' wish to replace actor John Nettles; he left the show and it was subsequently cancelled. He is currently working on a sitcom based in a nunnery, called "Nun's the Word".